Applying to Med School? Do Something Other than Just Study.

Life as a pre-med student can be a bit isolating. All of your time spent in class, doing research, and studying, can really add up. After graduation, it can land you a stellar GPA, however, is it enough to guarantee you admission to the medical school of your dreams? Probably not.With record numbers of applications pouring into medical school admissions offices, the competition is fierce. Almost every applicant has a competitive GPA, so it’s time to really consider what you can do to set yourself apart. There are various ways you can do this, however, let’s discuss the topic of extracurricular activities and how they can impact you as an applicant.

Extracurricular activities include your membership in clubs, organizations, volunteer work, and anything that is not directly related to your academics. For some pre-med students, this can mean involvement in Student Government, learning a new language, or medical mission trips. Regardless of what extracurricular activities you choose, it is recommended that you start early……as early as possible. The reason for starting early is because it not only gives you the opportunity to show that you’re committed to something, long term, but the extended time throughout your pre-med career gives you the chance to develop yourself as a leader in those organizations or clubs you’re involved in.

Right now is the time to assess what spare time you might have and re-think how you use it. Medical school admission officers are looking for applicants who not only have good grades, but those that also excel in extracurricular activities over a period of time and develop into leaders who make a difference. Choose something that will give you the opportunity to enhance your medical school application and also allow you to develop your leadership skills over time. 

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