Make Medicine Great Again!

Everywhere I go many are still focused on dealing with a new president and policies. Before I go further I …

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Lessons & Advice from Popular Med Student Blogger @StudentDrDiva

I wish I knew the sheer volume of information that was going to get thrown at us. What I do in one week I did probably in a year or over a semester in undergrad. You hear the horror stories from medical students all the time and you never really know how difficult and challenging it is until you experience it for yourself.

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Before Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

“There was no social media, no Facebook, no Twitter, no YouTube, no bloggers, so it was really difficult to connect with other people who had a similar experience or to connect to someone who may offer expert advice.” — Dr. Tovar

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NBME Shelf and USMLE Step Exam Strategy & Tips

Study hard for your shelf exams and USMLE Step exams as there is no better way to do well on the examination than to master the scientific knowledge available to you through review books and question banks. However, having experience, insight, and a carefully laid out plan on how to take the NMBE shelf and USMLE Step exams are almost as beneficial as your knowledge base on these challenges. The fast pace, length of the question vignettes, and sophistication of distracters in the answer choices make the exam extremely demanding.

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The Art of Avoiding Procrastination

“Micromovements cause a habit of completion in the mind and the mind doesn’t know whether this has been a big step or a small step. It just knows that you are doing something towards creative action. And it will just keep on multiplying and duplicating that effort until you do more habits of completing than you do habits of not completing.” SARK

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Top 10 USMLE Step 1 Study Tips

1. Track topics that are “archetypal” and know them. The Step 1 exam only really tests you on archetypal (or …

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