In the Professionalism course, you will learn and execute the 6 key skills that correlate closely with a great career trajectory and a fulfilling profession. These courses were curated and created using an evidence based approach by our Founder and the ProMEDeus team of advisors with over 20 years of academic experience in medicine.

Hold your “eye-roll” and don’t “glaze over” this course.  Professionalism is a word on many required job trainings and descriptions that is usually about as welcomed as a root canal appointment.  However, it is extremely important, WHY?

Professionalism is the one human factor that will set you apart on your rotations, interviews, and interactions with hospital and clinic staff, but most importantly patients.

All academic standings being equal, this is the one thing that can get you MATCHED into the RESIDENCY of YOUR CHOICE.

Professionalism is a skill that you will be evaluated in school, on clinical rotations, and in hospitals from this day forward.  This topic will follow you until the day you retire.

It is also a skill that if developed and executed correctly will keep you out of difficult situations (i.e. malpractice lawsuits, medical board sanctions, revoked hospital privileges, bad reviews on the internet and social media,  just to name a few).

Our purpose is not to belabor the obvious but to unfold before you the actual professional skills for success not just in medicine but in life.

This is by no means a course you can just fast forward to the end, answer questions, and get a meaningless digital diploma on a PDF file.   This will challenge you and change your life.

Course Curriculum

Professionalism Module
Professionalism Syllabus (Med Student) 00:00:00
Professionalism Module (Med Student) 00:20:00
Networking Module
Networking Syllabus (Med Student) 00:00:00
Networking Module (Med Student) 00:13:00
Leadership Module
Leadership Syllabus (Med Student) 00:00:00
Community Service Module
Community Service Syllabus (Med Student) 00:00:00
Interprofessional Experiences Module
Interprofessional Experiences Syllabus (Med Student) 00:00:00
TeamWork & Collaboration Module
TeamWork & Collaboration Syllabus (Med Student) 00:00:00

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