Great board scores, an excellent academic record, and great letters of recommendations are no longer enough to get invited for an interview in a residency program. In addition, even if you are offered an interview at a highly competitive program or specialty you will still have to know how to lead a memorable and successful interview. For every 5 residency applicants there are about 2 to 3 residency positions available. These odds are slimmer if you are applying for a competitive specialty, even slimmer if you are a foreign medical school graduate, even slimmer if you have had academic difficulty or professionalism challenges. In this highly competitive environment, do you have what it takes to be noticed and ranked into the program of your choice? Getting into the Residency of you choice is and will become more challenging every year.

In this course, we unfold the key to obtaining a residency position.  The entire process requires careful planning and strategy.   We will demonstrate how to properly submit an ERAS application, which includes a stellar and “attention grabbing” personal statement and CV in order to get an interview.  In addition, this course will also prepare you to have a memorable interview so that you obtain a spot in the residency of your choice.

These courses were curated and created using an evidence based approach by our Founder and the ProMEDeus team of advisors with over 20 years of academic experience in medicine not just in academia but in mentoring many medical students and residents through residency and employment interviews.

Course Curriculum

Residency Planning Module
Residency Planning Syllabus (Med Student) 00:00:00
Residency Planning Module (Med Student) 00:00:00
Residency Planning Assignment #1 (Med Student) UNLIMITED
Residency Planning Assignment #2 (Med Student) UNLIMITED
Residency Planing Test Questions (Med Student) Unlimited
ERAS Application Module
ERAS Application Syllabus (Med Student) 00:00:00
ERAS Application Module (Med Student) 00:27:00
Personal Statement Module
Personal Statement Syllabus (Med Student) 00:00:00
Curriculum Vitae Module
Curriculum Vitae Syllabus (Med Student) 00:00:00
Residency Interviewing Module
Residency Interviewing Syllabus (Med Student) 00:00:00
Couples Matching Module
Couples Matching Syllabus (Med Student) 00:00:00
SOAP Module
SOAP Syllabus (Med Student) 00:00:00

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