Frequently Asked Questions

What is ProMEDeus?

ProMEDeus is the only firm in the country to help students from premed through residency! We realize how competitive it is to get into medical school. What many premed students don’t know is it’s even harder to stay in. Did you know 6 out of 10 med school applicants are denied? ProMEDeus helps our clients standout to increase their odds of acceptance. We then help you succeed once you’re in medical school, and we can also help with your residency selection and application process, that’s what truly sets ProMEDeus apart!

We offer a wide range of services for high school students, medical school applicants and medical students, take a look at our services to find out more!

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! We work with every student based on his/her budget. Contact us today to setup a flexible payment plan.

We are also the most affordable academic advising firm and work with every student based on their budget. ProMEDeus is likely one of the best investments you’ll ever make! Consider the possibility of increased earnings if you attend a more highly ranked school.

A brief look at our testimonials will tell you that many of our clients are convinced they would not be in their top choice schools and residencies without ProMEDeus’ help. They repeatedly and emphatically state that we are worth every penny.

Take a look at our Socially Responsible Manifesto: “ProMEDeus has a vested interest in your success. We believe in changing the current medical culture to be more accepting of failure and its many benefits. We are committed to assisting medical students regardless of their barriers and/or ability to pay.”  We realize students are on tight budgets and we would never turn anyone away based on inability to pay.

Who will be my advisor?

You will be assigned to one main physician advisor who will be your contact point through the entire process. He/she will work with you through the majority of the process. However, one of our strengths is that we have a wide array of excellent advisors who have expertise in different fields. As such, you may at any time work with another advisor if it is in your best interest to do so.

Who are the advisors?

Our team of expert advisors is comprised of physicians, learning specialists and former medical admissions committee members. You can read more about our advisors here.

Do you help Caribbean medical students?

Yes, all of our packages are designed to help Caribbean medical school applicants and current Caribbean medical students.

How do I meet with my advisor?

We provide some of our services in-person in locations where we have advisors. However, about 90% of our advising is done remotely. We utilize Citrix GotoMeeting, email and phone conversations to communicate. We have successfully helped students all over the world. Meetings held via Citrix are recorded and yours to keep for reference!

How do the packages work?

Select the time-based package that best fits your needs. Standard package hours are as follows: Bronze: 8 hours of services, Silver: 10 hours, Gold: 21 hours, Platinum: 25 hours. Choose from any of the services we offer!

Unlike other programs ProMEDeus allows you to mix and match services. For example, perhaps you need application AND study skills assistance; you’ll get both in one convenient plan (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum).

You can also choose the À la Carte option for ‘by-the-hour’ services.

What is your refund policy?

We want you to be happy! If you aren’t satisfied with your advisor, you may ask to switch to a new advisor. Should you decide to discontinue your relationship with ProMEDeus, we will refund any unused portion of your package at anytime. There is a $50.00 processing fee for all refunds.



Fill out our Intake Form, a questionnaire designed to help us help you. If you simply want to speak with someone from our team of experts, fill out our contact form.


Our team of experts will create an individualized plan based on your needs. We typically provide our services remotely utilizing Citrix GoToMeeting. Skype, email and phone. However, if you reside near one of our advisors, services can be provided in-person.


Follow your customized plan and see results. Your personal advisor will guide you each step of the way, as your success is our priority.


No long-term commitment, we work with every student based on their budget.


Now that you know the process, take a look at what we offer.