Make Medicine Great Again!

Everywhere I go many are still focused on dealing with a new president and policies. Before I go further I will make a disclaimer that I don’t have a party affiliation and have mixed feelings regarding the Affordable Care Act. Regardless, I do believe in making medicine great again for YOU, the future doctors of America. What most don’t realize is that only YOU can change YOUR life and world around you.   Your success and happiness is related to that thing immediately around you not so much who is in the White House. Successful students are true to themselves and look for circumstances that will make their dreams happen. If they can’t find those circumstances then they create them. What is your plan to be successful in medical school? Do you have the skillset? You may be passionate about medicine but passion without a skillset is career suicide…why? Because you don’t know how to execute and channel that passion.

In my adult life I have studied successful people, like Dr. Thomas Frist, Warren Buffett, Mark Cuban, Simon Sinek, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Earl Nightingale, Peter Drucker, just to name a few. They all have contributed greatly to people who like you, seek success.   So what is success? Is that being financially independent, having the car or house you wanted, being debt free?


Earl Nightingale said, “Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.”

Success is also a great responsibility, as it involves not just taking but also growing and giving to enhance life for those around you.


Now in order to attain that success you must first get into medical school, get through medical school and residency and then practice. There is a blue print, a path by which most students got through this journey successfully and have enjoyed their life while doing it.  This blueprint has a basic core of values:







Complexity is the enemy of execution, You have to make your plans so simple there is no way you can’t be successful. This starts by building a plan…I can feel your eyes glaze over but bear with me.   Success in life is accomplished by doing the simple every day. How often? All the time.   For example:


How are you studying? Are you reading a certain number of pages per day? Are you making time to do practice questions or work through case studies every day?


Despite the amount of evidence to support that small decisions every day amount to great victories, many still don’t believe in the science of success.




Let’s get real with each other and answer this question:

How would you describe your engagement level in studying medicine?

  1. Fully engaged
  2. Partially engaged
  3. Disengaged
  4. Aggressively disengaged.


The most cited psychologist of the 20th century and physician, Dr. William James stated, “the greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind.”


What is your attitude towards studying? Being successful is not about having the right conditions or environment, having high IQ, having all the study resources available at your fingertips. It is NOT necessarily about getting a head start either. It is about engagement being engaged allows you to anticipate. Successful students anticipate, students who struggle react.


One of the easiest ways to anticipate is to build a study schedule that works and that you can stick to.


Engagement is also finding a way to meet people’s needs not yours.


What does this have to do with studying for medical school?


Well if you think of meeting people’s needs or for example patient’s needs then you will be motivated to know and learn the topics/subjects that will prepare you to do so.




If you want to help one of your friends who is struggling in medical school, then you

take time to help them find a way to make material easier to absorb.   In this process you will be experiencing repetition and thus driving the concepts deeper in your mind.   You will experience a sense of satisfaction, as the act of giving is associated with a release of serotonin, which is more powerful than any antidepressant in the market.


Be more positive, energetic, passionate, sincere, caring about those around you and you will see your self grow and be happier.

Being engaging is a mindset; it’s a choice you make every day because poor energy, no passion, not caring begets nothing good for you.


It is about finding a way to add value to your patients, colleagues, preceptors, and professors.



Whether you are a premed or in medical school, stop living in a state of hope. Success doesn’t come to those who hope for it but rather those who execute their plan. By that same token most successful people are not into positive thinking, although it helps, they are into results.


Look at anyone who is a master of their domain. They all execute their plan for success on a daily basis. Kobe Bryant would make 300 shots everyday in practice before going home. Most students understand what to do, however most have trouble doing it. Understanding and doing is the difference between success and failure.


The moment you decide to do something different it will be the moment when you realize your dreams.   My recommendation is to get engaged and execute a plan. Be proactive and reach out to another successful student for help, seek a mentor, and/or make an appointment with your academic counseling center. If you feel you are not getting value, then reach out to us. At ProMEDeus we have created an online curriculum that will help you achieve success.   You can check it out using this link:



It is super affordable and you will get the value you are looking for, guaranteed!

May 11, 2017

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