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This is a great option for a group of students who share a vision of success and understand that there is much to gain from an experience that challenges you to learn not only from an mentor but from each other. Harness the power of community as one of our experienced advisors guides and mentors you and a group of your peers through the curriculum.  With each module, you will learn and execute the 8 key academic skills that correlate closely with success. The delivery, pace and sequence of these courses will be predetermined based on time and needs of the group. After each module, the group as a whole will have access to 1 hour of group guidance and advice via webinar style sessions for a total of 8 hours! (Note: Each student in the group will submit payment on their own and course will start once everyone in the group has submitted payment).

Do you believe in the science of success?  It requires knowledge and experience.  It also requires a thorough understanding of how to learn efficiently and for the long haul.  In this course you will learn 8 key academic skills that correlate closely with success!  These courses were curated and created using an evidence based approach by our Founder and the ProMEDeus team of advisors with over 20 years of academic experience in medicine.

“These are the skills and information I wish I would have known on day 1 of my pre-med and medical school year.  Successful investor and billionaire Warren Buffet states that while “It’s good to learn from your mistakes. It’s better to learn from other people’s mistakes,” well, this is a course that is an accumulation of knowledge learned through time, trial and error so you avoid the challenges I had.”

J. Victor Tovar, M.D., Founder


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