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Terms & Conditions

ProMEDeus, LLC

Collaboration Agreement

Thank you for hiring ProMEDeus to assist you in your academic endeavors as a medical student. We take great pride in the academic support services that we provide. This document is designed to give you an idea of what you can expect from us and what we expect from you.

ProMEDeus provides a comprehensive, holistic, and individualized approach to assisting you in improving your academic performance as a medical student. Our specialty is (i) assisting medical students who are experiencing failure despite the intellectual capacity to succeed, and (ii) assisting students who wish to prevent academic struggles. ProMEDeus wants to help you be a successful medical student. In furtherance of our shared goal, ProMEDeus will provide you with the service that we deem, in our professional judgment, to be reasonable and necessary.

Our services will consist of the following:

  1. Assessment.

The first step consists of completing an Attrition Timeline to get a better understanding of your circumstances. The information we obtain from this Attrition Timeline will assist us in matching you with the right professionals and services. The Attrition Timeline is a document that lists in chronological order all your challenges in med school both personal and professional and it includes an explanation on how you dealt with those challenges and the outcomes (Pass, Fail, Remediation, on Academic Probation, etc). It should include a list of reasons why you feel you have been unsuccessful in school and what you have tried in the past to correct those deficiencies. The Attrition Timeline should be written with complete honesty and after some self-reflection. Know that ProMEDeus will treat your information with the utmost respect and will always protect the confidentiality of your information.

Next, we will schedule a time with you to conduct an initial one-on-one interview. Conversations will be recorded for quality control purposes. This interview will preferably be conducted face-to-face (in person or via a videoconferencing platform) or via telephone. During this interview, you will be asked a series of structured questions designed to assist us in assessing your academic issues. We ask that you speak freely about your academic problems and your perceived reasons for your lack of success as a medical student. We will focus on your professional and/or academic needs depending on your situation.

  1. Diagnosis of Target Deficiencies.

Based on the interview and your specific situation, we will formulate a series of assessments and interventions designed to identify any areas of weakness or to address and correct particular academic or professional issues (i.e. probation, dismissal, etc). There may be an additional charge for these assessments, which will be your responsibility. If applicable and beneficial to your success, we will review various academic strategies, including: study strategies, information organization, planning and time management, and exam-taking strategies, amongst others.

During this phase, we will develop a prioritized list of areas of focus

III. Plan.

Your plan, based on your specific situation and needs, will be divided into two broad categories: non-cognitive and cognitive.

Non-Cognitive Goals:

  • Optimizing Behavioral and Social Issues; (Background checks may be requested depending on situation).
  • Addressing Substance Abuse Issues if applicable;
  • Referrals and Assistance with Psychiatric Conditions (Anxiety/Depression, ADHD, ODC, etc.); and
  • Referrals to Appropriate Mental Health Professionals (Note: We do not diagnose or treat psychiatric conditions).
  • Referrals to legal professionals.
  • Assistance Reframing Academic Attrition or other Professional Situations for Residency Application and beyond.

Cognitive Goals:

  • Improving Study Strategy Planning;
  • Optimizing Information Management and Processing;
  • Improving Exam Skills and Strategies;
  • Time Management Skills
  • Learning Assessments & if needed, referrals to Learning Specialists.
  • Creating Appropriate Exercise and Recreation Programs for Student Wellbeing.

For quality assurance and for internal staff training purposes all of our interactions with our student clients will be recorded either by video or audio. You will receive documents from our learning specialists on a regular basis titled “Summaries of Sessions” which are basically summaries of our recorded conversations and advice. These will also be distributed to any ProMEDeus associate(s) involved in your case.

There are several reasons why we create a record of our interactions with our students. One is to better capture how time is spent with you. Also, this is the best way to convey clear expectations and deadlines (Action plan and Interventions), which help everyone see where you are in the process. This helps avoid misunderstandings and provides you with clear goals, advice, and recommendations. Our recorded conversations will be treated as strictly confidential and will be handled with the utmost respect by all staff members.

  1. Fees for Services Rendered

One of our core values at ProMEDeus is our commitment to assist at risk medical students regardless of their barriers and/or ability to pay. We operate under a socially responsible business model and one of our goals is to reduce academic attrition in medical school. Considering the recent physician shortage crisis ProMEDeus has a vested interest in your success. At ProMEDeus we welcome the opportunity to empower an individual to become a physician as he/she will have an impact in the community they will serve and that is more powerful than any profit we make.

ProMEDeus bills students for services rendered based on the package that best suits their needs. Billable services include but are not limited to: Mentoring, scheduling & conducting meetings via video conferencing or in person when feasible, preparation of and communication via email with student clients, learning assessments, mock interviews, tracking student performance, instructing and modeling skills necessary for success via modules created by ProMEDeus, developing study calendars or study plans, performing error analyses or practice exams, creating a written record of student client interactions with clear goals and expectations, educational administrative duties that benefit student client performance outcomes, phone calls on behalf of the student to advocate or mediate situations, and time spent in the preparation and execution of any of the above activities.

No interest will be paid or credited to you on any retainer paid to us.

At the end of each month or on an agreed upon date you will receive an invoice for services rendered via email. Once you agree to charges your credit card will be charged.

You understand that our services will not be billed to any health insurance or benefit policy. You are responsible for payment of services. If payment is not received within 10 days of your receipt of an invoice, the outstanding balance will accrue interest of 5% per month. Additionally, if you fail to remit payment of an invoice within 30 days of your receipt, we reserve the right to stop all work on your behalf.

At ProMEDeus we understand that as a student you may be living on a tight budget. If you are experiencing financial difficulties which will delay payment you have the option and are responsible for contacting us and making alternate payment arrangements. All alternate payment arrangements need to be approved by ProMEDeus, LLC. In reviewing student’s request for alternative payments we may require student to provide us with financial aid disbursement information, tax documentation (student & parents), budget and any pertinent information that will help us obtain a better picture of your financial state.

Expedited services are available upon request but will be charged at an hourly rate of $200/hour and will first need approval from ProMEDeus, LLC. Expedited services include any service requiring attention with less than 1 week advance notice depending on situation and/or if service requires our attention during weekends and/or holidays.

If you feel you cannot afford our packages, please contact us and we can discuss payment alternatives to experience what ProMEDeus can offer you and be successful. Don’t let finances obstruct your route to success.

  1. Responsibilities

At ProMEDeus, we believe in transparency and being honest with our student clients and we expect the same in return. Our commitment is to improve your learning methods to overcome your obstacle(s). For our relationship to succeed, it is essential for you to provide us with all factual information reasonably relevant and material to your situation, health and physical condition. We view our obligation to protect the confidentiality of your health and personal information with the utmost seriousness. We may also need to obtain access to your medical records in the event that you require mental health services. We have the forms that you will need to complete in order for you to authorize us to have access to these records. In order for our services to be successful, you will need to actively and honestly participate in this process and follow our advice. Although we aim for the success of our student clients, we are not responsible for the final outcome of our interaction or for the results of our services, especially if you withhold necessary information or fail to follow the plans and advice that we develop for you or if you require expedited services that prevents us from having the adequate time necessary to address your particular situation.

By signing this document, you acknowledge that you have read and understand that we are not guaranteeing or providing you with any type of warranty regarding your short-term or long-term academic success. You also acknowledge, understand, and agree that you are responsible to pay our fees and expenses regardless of the results of our collaboration. You will also have the opportunity to participate giving us feedback, testimonials, and referrals.

You can end this Agreement by providing us with no less than 5 days written notice, via certified mail, to ProMEDeus, 404 Masterson Station Drive, Lexington, Kentucky 40511. Likewise, we can end the Agreement by providing you 5 days written notice, via-hand-delivery or certified mail to the address(es) listed at the top of this Agreement. You and ProMEDeus agree to attempt to settle in good faith, any dispute, controversy, or claim arising from our relationship and this Agreement. If we cannot agree to a good faith resolution, such dispute, controversy, or claim shall be settled by mediation, facilitated by a neutral third party. In the event of mediation, you will be responsible for one-half of all fees and costs, including reasonable attorney fees, incurred during the mediation process.

This document represents the entire Agreement between you and ProMEDeus. By signing this document, you acknowledge that you have carefully reviewed all the information contained in this document and that you agree to be bound by all the foregoing terms and conditions. You further represent that either you are competent to execute this Agreement and do so of your own free will, without coercion. No change to the terms and provisions on this document will be binding on either party unless the change is in writing and signed by both parties.

I agree to these Terms and Conditions