Increase Residency Matches

  • Convince residency programs you have what it takes to excel in residency by showcasing your most captivating experiences and attributes
  • Reframe potential blemishes and/or ‘gap-years’

  • Create a compelling portrait of you as a future leader in the medical field

  • Receive assistance with shadowing, volunteer opportunities and placement in clinical settings for increased exposure

  • Be prepared, professional and confident with tailored mock interviews

  • Obtain stellar letters of reference

  • Medical school academic mapping

  • Faculty networking & leveraging relationships

  • Assistance selecting residency

  • Improving chances of matching into your chosen specialty

  • Course of study strategy & guidance

  • Pursuing desired specialty despite not matching into it

We have the expertise to assist all residency applicants through each phase of the Residency Match, including those who have been unable to match and for those participating in the SOAP process. We provide support to United States medical school graduates, Caribbean medical school graduates, and graduates from other foreign medical schools. Regardless of your timeline or status, ProMEDeus offers you measurable advantages in the residency matching process. Work one-on-one with your expert residency specialist.

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$150 per hour


6 Hours of Services

SAVE $60
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10 Hours of Services

SAVE $200

1 ½ Hours FREE

1-on-1 Advising

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15 Hours of Services

SAVE $375

2 ½ Hours FREE

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20 Hours of Services

SAVE $600

4 Hours FREE

1-on-1 Advising

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24-Hour Support

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What Students Are Saying

Working with ProMEDeus has been a tremendous help. My advisor helped me target my areas of weakness and also gave me great test taking strategies. I ended up improving my exam scores and gaining more confidence in my test taking abilities.

ProMEDeus really cares about your success. The road to getting an MD is long and strenuous, and it is very helpful to have a mentor along the way who has gone through it and understands what it is like.

The honest and experienced staff at ProMEDeus creates an environment of personalized attention which is quite frankly absent in many of today’s resources. Working with my advisor, we developed a study routine targeted towards improving my knowledge of weaker subjects, reinforcing my particular strengths, and tackling the test as a whole. I would highly recommend ProMEDeus to any student looking for academic guidance or simply looking to understand some of the best ways to learn and retain information.

ProMEDeus helped me improve my study methods and grades and gave me a new sense of confidence.  The level of personal advice was unlike anything I’d ever received before, and was tailored to my needs.