5 Things to Consider Should You Choose to Attend a Foreign Medical School  

The hardest part about medical school is getting in. As healthcare in America continues to evolve, the pathway to becoming a physician has also changed. Those who plan on practicing in the states must still complete a residency in the US, but getting to that point is now harder and more competitive than it was 20 years ago. Some students have elected to go to foreign medical schools to receive their training. Here are 5 things to keep in mind if you decide to pursue your degree in a foreign country but plan on practicing in America.

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Lessons & Advice from Popular Med Student Blogger @DoctorOrBust

"I’ve helped friends fill out their Green Card applications; oddly applying for medical school feels reminiscent to that. There are background checks, character references, fees, and passport like photos to submit, tests, and of course interviews. All of this to gain citizenship to the country called medicine. ..It’s amazing how much your interviewers know about you by the time they invite you. I felt some interviewers probably knew me better than most people I’ve known for years."

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