Lessons & Advice from Popular Med Student Blogger @DoctorOrBust

"I’ve helped friends fill out their Green Card applications; oddly applying for medical school feels reminiscent to that. There are background checks, character references, fees, and passport like photos to submit, tests, and of course interviews. All of this to gain citizenship to the country called medicine. ..It’s amazing how much your interviewers know about you by the time they invite you. I felt some interviewers probably knew me better than most people I’ve known for years."

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Lessons & Advice from Popular Med Student Blogger @StudentDrDiva

I wish I knew the sheer volume of information that was going to get thrown at us. What I do in one week I did probably in a year or over a semester in undergrad. You hear the horror stories from medical students all the time and you never really know how difficult and challenging it is until you experience it for yourself.

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3 Ways to Learn More Efficiently and Boost Grades

Studies of human learning reveal that the most durable learning with the least degradation (forgetting) occurs with the following 3 …

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NBME Shelf and USMLE Step Exam Strategy & Tips

Study hard for your shelf exams and USMLE Step exams as there is no better way to do well on the examination than to master the scientific knowledge available to you through review books and question banks. However, having experience, insight, and a carefully laid out plan on how to take the NMBE shelf and USMLE Step exams are almost as beneficial as your knowledge base on these challenges. The fast pace, length of the question vignettes, and sophistication of distracters in the answer choices make the exam extremely demanding.

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Top 10 USMLE Step 1 Study Tips

1. Track topics that are “archetypal” and know them. The Step 1 exam only really tests you on archetypal (or …

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Overcoming Educational Hurdles in Medicine

Although my main focus is on the financial end for physicians, I recently ran across an outstanding new company that is pioneering a niche focus in helping aspiring physicians get past the hurdles presented to them in medical school that can derail them before they ever even earn their first paycheck. My focus of this article is a brief Q&A with Dr. J. Victor Tovar, the Founder of ProMedeus, LLC, a consulting firm that specializes in academic support services for students who are having academic difficulty or those who want to prevent it.

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