Applying to Med School? Do Something Other than Just Study.

Life as a pre-med student can be a bit isolating. All of your time spent in class, doing research, and …

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Dream On

So yes, I was the unlikely, the overlooked, and the rejected candidate. But I bared those titles graciously; because it is in them and under them that I found my passion to work with those who face those very same labels each day.

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3 Ways to Learn More Efficiently and Boost Grades

Studies of human learning reveal that the most durable learning with the least degradation (forgetting) occurs with the following 3 …

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The Art of Avoiding Procrastination

“Micromovements cause a habit of completion in the mind and the mind doesn’t know whether this has been a big step or a small step. It just knows that you are doing something towards creative action. And it will just keep on multiplying and duplicating that effort until you do more habits of completing than you do habits of not completing.” SARK

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