Residency Interviewing – Securing a Top Rank Position

Congratulations! You have secured a residency interview date and now you must prepare for presenting the most personal and professional YOU. The reality is that 95% of the work that goes into interviewing occurs prior to your interview day. Impromptu interviews will not result in securing a top rank position so plan your interview, in advance. That way, when your interview day arrives, you are simply executing everything you have already tailored for interview day.

Plan, Show, and Edit.

Plan as much of your interview day, as possible. This includes deciding your interview outfit, the logistics of your interview day, learning program information, and responses to interview questions. Furthermore, if your application is ‘lacking,’ be prepared to address issues with a framework and approach of ‘accepting responsibility and learning from your experiences.’

Show an expert.  Demonstrate everything you have planned for your interview to several professionals. Select competent professionals in the medical and education disciplines who will speak candidly and honestly about your outfit and responses to interview questions. You may have the desire to demonstrate your plans to close family and friends, but they are more likely to hold back constructive feedback, and do not have the expertise in the medical and/or education disciplines to provide meaningful feedback regarding the content of your interview responses.

Edit any of your plans that received feedback for improvement. Think critically about how you want to go from ‘good’ to ‘great’. And if necessary, Show again, after you have made edits.

For years, I have witnessed applicants who present ‘well’ on paper, but lack interview skills that reflect their potential to be successful residents in any program. The interview day ends and I have a strong desire to step those aside and candidly tell them everything they could have done to improve their interview day; however, I am limited in my program role to speak as candidly as I wish.

Fortunately, through my work with ProMEDeus, I have developed a Residency Interviewing module that provides learners all of the ‘inside’ scoop of what programs really look for in candidates on interview day and items that come up in discussions during rank sessions. For example, it is quite researched that medical professionals identify more as introvert personality types. Learners can receive 1:1 consulting from ProMEDeus to best adapt their introvert nuances in a smart way in order to be heard and stand out during their interviews – individual and group interview platforms alike.

Plan, Show, and Edit. Best wishes to all throughout your interview season!

– Jillian Atherton, Senior Medical Educator

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November 3, 2015

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